8 Simple And Smart Ideas For The Kitchen

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8 Simple And Smart Ideas For The Kitchen

It kitchens the home environment that needs to reconcile functionality and comfort. Meal space, but also a convivial space where you can share your time with family and friends. Cooking design, therefore, must find the right balance between practical needs and comfort, between work plans and spaces where to preserve food and utensils and hospitality needs. In this Book of Ideas we have collected for you 8 simple and intelligent ideas perfect to make the kitchen a welcoming and functional space. Let’s see them together.

Mini baskets for your drawers

Often the organization of drawers can be problematic solasbars, making it difficult to separate tool and cutlery spaces. The solution we see with mini wicker baskets inside the drawers can help keep in order and distribute all the kitchen utensils in an organized manner.

Hang the pans on the wall

A functional and decorative solution at the same time is to arrange the frying pans hanging on the wall on supports such as steel or iron bars like those we see in this image. A way to always have the pans available and at the same time decorate the wall.

Bellows for your closets

A great way to save space use in the kitchen, especially in the case of small kitchens, is the bellows for cabinets and cabinets.

Shelfs for spices and cans

To enrich shelves and shelves with additional space to expose and store spices and jars of glass, a very functional solution is that of shelves and shelves to hook up to shelves. A way to enrich the kitchen with spaces and introduce, as we see, a color note in the environment.

View shelves

Too often the kitchen space is dominated by closed solutions, with cabinets and doors that are likely to make the suffocating space. Open shelves, on the other hand, allow an organization of open space, which favors airiness and accessibility, opening the kitchen space and making it bright bright.

Interactive Walls

The use of blackboard varnishes is a very popular choice, able to enliven the space and make the walls a living element of the environment, with which to interact creatively involving the whole family. From the shopping list to affectionate and fun messages, the blackboard walls allow you to create interactive walls making the kitchen a fun and fun environment.

Take advantage of the windows

When architectural configuration allows, it is very useful to take advantage of the structure of the windows to introduce shelves where they can find space for ornamental plants to enrich the kitchen with a natural touch.

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