An Ideal Apartment for a Young Couple

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An Ideal Apartment for a Young Couple

The apartment we visit today is really rich in interesting ideas, even in its simplicity. There are no overwhelming elements, there is some essentiality, but the refinement used in choosing colors and furnishing solutions makes everything absolutely original and very creative. These are areas that stimulate creativity, which are perfect for peeking, if you are looking for inspirations for your new home or if you have a mind to renew yours. In addition, even though not having much space, MOVE MÓVEL CRIAÇÃO DE MOBILIÁRIO’s team managed to easily place a studio. Curious to see how

The living area

Already from this first look at the living area you realize how much this apartment is out of the ordinary, particular jual rumput sintetis. Very beautiful color matching the gray on the walls and the black of the seat pads marry perfectly with the wood of the furniture. The white, both on the ceiling and on the floor, makes the space very bright.

In the bedroom the tones become more delicate, there are less contrasts and dominates a mid-color between the sky and the gray, perfect for relaxation! The walls are specially decorated, with objects not often seen, and even the abat jour is very original, reminds me a bit of the Japanese style!

The livingroom

The living room communicates with the kitchen thanks to the window that opens on the inner wall – very original detail. The sofa is not very large, so the fact that it does not have armrests is great, so it is used all the length. Fundamental to the role of complement, rug and pillows, revitalizing the room with geometric texture and colors.

The dining area

This space is perhaps the most peculiar of the whole house the shape of the table is unusual and even more so are the seats, square and differentiated, two without backrest and two with a round backrest. And the painters Really delicious, with their geometric motifs and lively colors.

The kitchen

The kitchen is at a minimum, but there is everything indispensable and the opening on the living room makes it more airy, as well as facilitating communication, thanks to the plan to eat facing the open space.

The study corner

And here’s the study. There was not much space available, yet it was done in the best possible way. Of course, it is not particularly large, but for normal needs it is more than good. So if you do not have that famous room in your home, that of organizing the studio in a corner with a small desk or a shelf, is definitely the best idea.

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