Beats Headphones By Dr Dre Studio

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Beats Headphones By Dr Dre Studio

These headphones are the dream in the drawer of any enthusiast of electronic music, house or hip hop, and were designed by Dr Dre, a former gangsta rapper from the United States of America. Starting with their charming curved design, they are very blushing but at the same time stylish, and are made entirely of plastic, a choice that has torn the nose to many; Are available in three colors black, white and red, and can be folded and folded in the round shaped bag.

The headphones have a gloss finish and are of an over ear type, so their hall will not touch the ears when we wear them, guaranteeing the top of the comfort teknorus. The bearing material under the bow is the skin, and the same applies to the pavilions that are not fixed as it may seem, but can be slightly moved. Flexibility is also important, and makes it really indestructible even if you wear it thousands of times. Headphones have been designed with the utmost care to get the most out of Apple devices, but the sound is powerful, well defined and full of all devices. Their price is 294.98 euro discounted from 379.95 euro and free shipping.The only sore note concerns the price that is the highest among all the ereader.

Headphones Sony MDR-XD150

To make this guide as complete as possible, we also recommend the best headphones, and we strongly advise you not to point at the entry level band, except for this pair of headphones, which are the ones that make the idea of ??an audio better Approaching at least a minimum to a higher band. This type of headset is not suitable for home use, but mostly for internal use and sedentary use, as it may be a bit bulky, unshakeable, and the 2 meter long cable may cause problems. All this goes in favor of audio quality, which is too much to be a cheap headset is to say little. Even the aesthetics are really cured, with a completely plastic finish and pavilions made of opaque anti-fingerprint material. The headset does not even joke about ergonomics, in fact, if you hold it for a while, you do not even notice it, apart from the fact that it could sweat your ears for too thick and massive sponges. They are available at a really low figure of 19.99 euros, discounted by 29.99 euros.

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