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How to Start A Music Blog

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If you’ve talked to me before, you know running a website is what I do.
Sophistefunk has always been one of my favorite blogs, but my inbox for this site looks like this:

70% of people send music
29% of people ask questions about starting a music blog or how to run a music blog
1% of people send their music videos consisting of them rolling around in a tub full of cereal (I do not know, I really got this kind of submission download lagu dangdut terbaru)
Obviously I can only accept small pars of music stuff – otherwise I will post 20 times a day and 19 of these posts will not be the best quality.

I can (and have) answered a ton of questions about creating a music blog, but the same issues above, and again, and again.

So I thought: why could not one complete guide be for anyone who is curious? Step by step manual instructions for starting a music blog, if you want.

And so it is!

Why Start a Music Blog?
I have to win, while people think about blogs and bloggers like this:

Maybe back in 2005 blogging was like that.

Nowadays, blogs are focused and why topical, you have to give a lot of value / entertainment in one topic (like electronic music!).

Running a music blog can be useful; These are just some of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced from running Sophistefunk:

I have been lit to live performances and concerts across the country, free of charge, even postage.
Complete with musicians I’ve been following for years at the event.
Free music and pre-release in my inbox. I often get an album a few weeks before the official release date.
People & labels have sent me free stuff (headphones, t-shirts, concert tickets, etc.)
Articles that are running can be part-time jobs (or even full-time jobs).