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Some Fact about Monk Strap Shoes

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By and large, monk strap shoes are defined as a style of shoe with no lacing, closed by a buckle and strap. This type of footwear is also known monk strapped, as well as has been portrayed as the “most advanced” dress shoe.

Moreover, monk strap shoes also typically outlined by visible leather strapped with metal buckle that crossed the shoes and replaced the function of the lace. The strap can be functional or not, also it can be single, double or in a rare case triple one.

Monk strap shoes are moderately formal shoes. They offer a lesser degree of formality compared to full Oxford (or American Balmoral), yet at the same time somewhat more so rather than an open Derby (or American Blucher). Some people have the thought that lesser strap reflects more formality.


As implies by its name, monk strap shoes was named after the European monks – Roman Catholic clergy as far back as the 11th century – who typically wore a buckled shoe due to feature of additional protection the shoes could offered than sandals. These monks also needed simple and sturdy shoes which were fit for formal and informal occasions. It is also believed that strap going across the shoe would increase comfort for the monks when they knelt down to pray, as the shoe becomes inverted.

Some other facts about monk strap shoes

  • A strap is generally defined as a narrow piece of leather used to fasten something or offer support. For the case of monk strap shoes, a strap is combined with the buckle in order to fasten the shoe.
  • Monk strap shoes model may varies defined by the pattern observable in the toe, and frequently they have a cap toe.
  • Monk strap shoes are occasionally brogued.
  • Monk strap shoes are popular in suede.

Striped Fashion For Spring Summer 2015, The Clothes And The Accessories Not To Be Missed

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Striped Fashion For Spring Summer 2015, The Clothes And The Accessories Not To Be Missed

Striped fashion for spring summer 2015, the clothes and the accessories not to be missed for your best summer outfits, wearing one of the season’s trends. Dresses, pants, sweaters, bags, shoes and much more, everything is made from striped fantasy. Find out in the gallery clothes and accessories lines to collect!

Not only from the high fashion collections, but also from those of low-cost brand, the lines are the true stars of the summer season. vertical stripes frame kacamata rayban super, horizontal, diagonal, bicolor or multicolor fantasy rifled is a must have for Spring Summer 2015.

From the catwalks arrive minidress bicolor horizontal lines, such as striped long-sleeved dress by Stella McCartney or dresses in patterned soft ribbed, like the beautiful minidress in black and white lines of Twin Set, perfect for your trendy outfit to wear to a brunch with friends or for a drink in town.

Do not miss the most elegant and ladylike proposals, such as the trapeze dress with horizontal stripes of Morgan or the beautiful striped dress in pastel shades of Kocca with patch pockets. If you prefer to maintain a nautical-chic look, you can not waive the white minidress and blue buttoned Chanel, sophisticated mood, and in perfect sailor style.

If you want a look broken, then you can wear a skirt rigat, like the skirt to A striped Marc Jacobs black and cyclamen, or model portfolios with black and white stripes of Zadar, to combine with tank tops and sweaters in solid colors. If, however, you are looking for a casual outfit with pants, the pants are perfect vertically striped print Faith Connexion, to wear with a colorful top and a cleavage in nuance.

You can also wear striped blazer for more formal outfits, such as double-breasted striped jacket by Band of Outsiders, or the beautiful jacket with horizontal stripes and fantasy fiorata I’m Isola Marras, trendy and original at the right point. To be combined with a tight-fitting jeans and a colored sneaker is perfect soft poncho with white and red lines of Stradivarius.

You can also play around with shoes and accessories lines for Spring Summer 2015, given a choice between elegant neckline with horizontal stripes with red cap toe with studs or with comfortable Louboutin heels – but altissimi- with sandals with wedge in striped fantasy of Tabitha Simmons PE 2015.