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Armor Blitz – Real-Time Combat Game to Fight The Dark Invasion

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The free-to-play video game, Armor Blitz, tosses players into the world of Valhalla in which the spirits of history’s most current battle tanks take pleasure in the afterlife as attractive anime tank girls. As their own General, command the attractive tanks and deal with the tough, mysterious force that’s about the take over the world.

Armor Blitz sets on the earth of Valhalla, in which the spirits of army tanks conquer and manifest themselves as attractive anime tank girls. Inside the afterlife for fallen warriors, every single character symbolizes the soul of a historical army vehicle dating back to World War 2, around the early Cold War Era. For instance, the M5 Stuart supported the USA in World War 2 but now she is placed in Valhalla where she’s renamed Stella and really loves fruit salad. The other beings of the world will be the souls of guns that will be manifested as attractive cats, and antitank weaponry that will be rabbits.

Armor Blitz

By mixing real-time choice making and the enjoyment of gathering cards, Armor Blitz is a tricky free-to-play game where you create an army of attractive anime girls for fight. The army appears like a traditional deck in a classic card game where the player need to make a plan and strategy ahead of time. In fight, tank girls are “drawn” in the army that makes a hand you have to battle with. Every single tank contains a ranking that correlates to numerous benefits and weak points. For instance, the Tank Destroyer can be a long range unit with slowly attack speed whereas the Light Tank can be speedy and light armored.

As the fight starts out, players need to release characters on the battlefield that can then push toward the opposing forces commander. Quite simply, players have to drag and drop soldiers into a tug of war fight. As their instructing officer then again, you can expect to do a lot more than just drag and drop. As soon as on the battlefield, it’s your choice to switch on their special abilities. If it weren’t on your behalf, your military services might not have sufficient capacity to wipe out the wicked forces. Also, it is your choice when to set off the cannon. By having a limit of three costs, your options are essential to the survival of the soldiers. The real-time battle boosts you to always carefully consider your tactics within the small time of the fight.