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The List of Four New Aircraft Launching Soon

The List of Four New Aircraft Launching Soon

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The rejuvenation of the new aircraft became a necessity for the airline. It is nothing else done with the aim to rejuvenate passengers with a new fleet. In addition, this can also be part of the development expansion plan of flight route. The expansion of aviation is indeed a form of evidence of growth or growth of a company. Each airline company also definitely wants to do it all so that everything is done to get it. With the expansion, the airline can get a broader passenger can even be an important part of all that.In the end, the goal is to get a big profit on the company’s income.

Well recently, at least rumored there will be about the aircraft that will be launched. What are them? To find know about what the aircraft that will be released soon, make sure for you to see the list of the fleet below. Make sure to know and read more carefully about the information for helping you to find know:

1# Boeing 737 Max 8

This is a new aircraft that are released by the Malindo Air as part of Lion Group Asia. This fleet has a capacity of 162 (two class); 184 (single class). It is also as part of Boeing’s fastest-selling aircraft, according to the US manufacturer. Even Boeing has got the more than 3,700 orders from 86 customers as of April 2017.

2# Boeing 787-10

This new aircraft has a capacity of 310 passengers that will be launched by the Singapore Airlines. It is the kind of Boeing’s newest Dreamliner that has about 5.5 meters longer than the 787-9. Even, it can be called as the longest aircraft in the family.

3# Airbus A350-1000

This belongs to Qatar Airways that has a full capacity of 440 passengers. There are many people who say that this is the Airbus’s largest twin-engine airliner ever. It is expected to have a capacity where providing a max capacity.

4# Comac C919

This is new aircraft of China Eastern Airlines that has a capacity of 158-168 passenger. Aircraft plan will be released in the year 2020.This has a narrow-body aircraft which is designed to compete with Airbus’s A320 and even has a similar format with Boeing’s 737 families as well as.

Well, that’s some list of aircraft is planned to be soon released. Let’s wait for its presence to the real flight environment. For more information, you can read in trusted site of, and even good site for buying ticket promo there.