DIY: 9 Simple Steps To Refinish Dining Room Chair Cushions

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I have a huge family, so that I require a whole lot of dining room seats (I’ve got eight to be precise). All of them have the cushions which possess the light material onto them. I have had four of those seats for a couple of years and that I got an extra four seats once I bought a used (but in good state) dining room table. (I thought of trimming my dining room tables – yes, just two of these – but decided against it since they were simply too outdated).

9 Simple Steps To Refinish Dining Room Chair Cushions

I’d refinished my older seats soon after I bought them, so that they had to be re-done back (poorly!!) . The brand new chairs I bought also had to be re-finished (poorly!!) . I recently bought and hemmed new drapes in bright green and off-white (darkened) colours. I had been fortunate enough to have sufficient stuff of the two colours to re-do all eight seats.

In addition, I cover them with clear plastic so that they’re simple to wash up and do not stain. I suggest this if you have kids or utilize your seats regularly. But it’s optional.

These instructions are meant for its easy-to-remove cushions.

You may need:

Measure 1: Locate material which you enjoy that’s sufficient to cover the seats together with the capacity to wrap the substance into the bottom of the seat around three inches in. It may be all 1 kind of substance, or you may mix this up with your favorite colours. It is your home – select colours that you enjoy.

Measure 2: Buy a few clear plastic with exactly the exact dimensions as the substance. You are able to come across the plastic in rolls which may be bought from the square food in pretty much any fabric shop. **Tip: if you’ve got small children I urge the thicker plastic. **

(Do not lose the screws!)

Once cut, iron the cloth so that you don’t have emptied chairs.

Measure 6: Place the pillow on the cloth upside down (make sure that the side of this cloth that you would like to check at can also be face down on the table), wrap the cloth around the seat and basic one side a couple of occasions to hold the cloth in place. Pull the cloth on the other hand from where you just stapled and basic that side. **Tip: ensure you’re pulling the cloth tight so that there is no surplus material bunched up. **

After that, flip the pillow so one of those corners is confronting you and fold the cloth over the corner for your liking (each corner is different – simply do what seems better to youpersonally). Pulling tight, basic that corner piece a couple of times. Duplicate on all corners.

For the 2 sides you have not stapled however, confront once side with you, and while pulling the cloth tight across the border, staple it two or three more times to fasten it in position.

Measure 7: Repeat step 6 using the crystal clear plastic.

Measure 8: Together with the pillow upside down to the desk place the seat frame in addition to the pillow and align so that the pillow is pushed up from the rear of the seat and right.

Measure 9: Reattach the pillow into the frame with the screws. **Tip: you will not have the ability to find the holes for the screws no more due to the plastic or cloth. You may either cut on the fabric/plastic to clean the screw holes, or you could drill the screws through the cloth. If you opt to experience the cloth it might pull the cloth. If it occurs, pull back the screw out and then place it back in again.

At this point you have a re-finished dining area pillow. Repeat for each one of your chairs. While the seat is taken apart you are able to wash out the framework with water and soap, or perhaps refinish that too.

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