Photography Basic About Horizontal Vertical Tips

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Photography Basic About Horizontal Vertical Tips

Also in the two photos immediately preceding the signature of Adams, we find the Ascending diagonal in the photo of the forest (with the horizon aligned with the first third) and a diagonal descending in the photo of the trunk. Bresson also used the same diagonal in the woman’s portrait, focusing in particular on the leg of the latter.

Hine’s and Libshon’s photos, on the other hand, make use of the descending diagonal. In particular, in the photo of the train sewa lcd proyektor semarang, the dialect diagonal provides a sense of movement to the train itself.

As mentioned initially, it is not uncommon to find composites that are based on the use of multiple axes at the same time (and we have already seen examples in these photos) other examples are the pyramid, hourglass or zig zag .

The two above examples of Clift and Adams are examples of pyramid composition the diagonal lines that originate along the axis of vertical symmetry are used. Both photographers have been able to center the pyramid’s vertex on one of the two horizontal axes the highest in the case of Adams, the lowest for Clift.

Freininger is an example of hourglass composition, though not perfectly perfect by looking at the bright spaces left and right, they realize that they tend to shrink toward the center of the photo by creating two triangles with a center point.

To conclude this article, let’s talk about the zigzag composition in this case there is a mix of horizontal and diagonal lines. Two examples are those of Hoel Smith and of the omnipresent Adams

The diagonal (or in the case of Adams the serpentine) from a sense of movement to photography as well as guiding the human eye to a well-defined point (in both cases the mountains in the background). We will later look in more detail on some of these techniques such as the rule of thirds, the use of lines, and the golden rule.

As you can understand, third party rule is a simple and easy to implement rule, but that does not mean it’s a law. Adams himself often and willingly did not rule out third parties to explore new horizons and to astonish the observer. Making a technically perfect photo does not mean making a nice photo, indeed it will probably be boring and flat. Try to go beyond the rule of thirds, always trying to invent something.

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