Small Bathrooms 7 Ideas for Modern Style Lovers

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Small Bathrooms 7 Ideas for Modern Style Lovers

If in the bathroom bath choices were largely dictated by practical and functional requirements, in recent years we have witnessed a clear inversion of the trend, which is aimed at creating a comfortable environment. Today, more than ever, the bathroom is a space in which we spend a lot of our time, not just to devote ourselves to body care, but also to look for a relaxing moment. For this reason, it becomes important to choose attractive coatings that will make us feel comfortable. Let us then be inspired by our experts and we will discover together 7 ideas to furnish a small bathroom dedicated to those who love the modern style.

We mix different materials

One of the latest trends in bathroom coatings is to mix different materials to create an eclectic and refined environment. Most importantly, if the bathroom is small, this escamotage will help to give the environment a glimpse of its size. In the proposal we see in this picture, for example, the wall covered with polychrome majolica of Moorish inspiration is opposed to the surfaces of micro cement and the wooden shower tray a choice of contrasts, but of great effect, which will certainly Even more pleasant to stay in the bathroom.

We play with styles

Another solution to create a great impact even if small in size is to play with styles, having fun combining them in a contemporary key. For example, we could take this suggestion and reinterpret the classic lines with a modern taste a stylized form of a freestanding bathtub, a vintage glitter-covered furniture, a refined black & white tile floor.

We create optical illusions with many colored circles

The first element to look at this small modern bathroom is certainly not the small size of the environment, but the cheerful background wall featuring a fancy of colorful circles that, thanks to the great mirror of the contiguous parade, gives life To an intriguing optical illusion, capable of disorienting and altering the perception of space.

We point on sinuous shapes

Sinuous shapes and curved lines, too, are an excellent solution for amplifying the perception of space, in a small bath. In this proposal, for example, the wave designed by the partition and the large circular mirror contribute to giving dynamism to the environment.

For the shower we choose tiles with a refined texture

Would we like to renovate our small bathroom, but at the moment, the idea of making it totally frightens us We just change the wall covering of the shower and choose tiles characterized by a refined and complex texture in this way the environment will gain great charm, in spite of the small size.

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