Some Fact about Monk Strap Shoes

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By and large, monk strap shoes are defined as a style of shoe with no lacing, closed by a buckle and strap. This type of footwear is also known monk strapped, as well as has been portrayed as the “most advanced” dress shoe.

Moreover, monk strap shoes also typically outlined by visible leather strapped with metal buckle that crossed the shoes and replaced the function of the lace. The strap can be functional or not, also it can be single, double or in a rare case triple one.

Monk strap shoes are moderately formal shoes. They offer a lesser degree of formality compared to full Oxford (or American Balmoral), yet at the same time somewhat more so rather than an open Derby (or American Blucher). Some people have the thought that lesser strap reflects more formality.


As implies by its name, monk strap shoes was named after the European monks – Roman Catholic clergy as far back as the 11th century – who typically wore a buckled shoe due to feature of additional protection the shoes could offered than sandals. These monks also needed simple and sturdy shoes which were fit for formal and informal occasions. It is also believed that strap going across the shoe would increase comfort for the monks when they knelt down to pray, as the shoe becomes inverted.

Some other facts about monk strap shoes

  • A strap is generally defined as a narrow piece of leather used to fasten something or offer support. For the case of monk strap shoes, a strap is combined with the buckle in order to fasten the shoe.
  • Monk strap shoes model may varies defined by the pattern observable in the toe, and frequently they have a cap toe.
  • Monk strap shoes are occasionally brogued.
  • Monk strap shoes are popular in suede.

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