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What are the between Core i3, i5 and i7 laptops that are now widely available in the market? This question always arises when you want to buy a laptop that uses an Intel processor. The processor is the “brain” inside a computer, which works to receive commands from the user, then forward to other hardware. So if we want to buy a computer or laptop, of course, the processor specification into the main focus because it directly affects the performance to be generated.


Core acts as a process of instruction that runs on a process. Well, with the use of the name of the core on the processor, many users who think that the initials i3, i5 and i7 refers to the number of processors, such as i3 in which there are 3 processors, i5 with 5 processors and i7 which consists of 7 processors.

In fact, the statement is not true. Initial it turns out to the ability possessed. This capability is affected by clockspeed, cache and memory support that can be processed at a time. Both Core i3, i5 and i7 processors all have technological differences. Technology such as Turbo Boost, is the ability to increase clockspeed on the CPU or known as automatic over clocking. It can turn off one or two other engines to provide more space on the CPU and thus require the processor to work harder.

Another technology is Hyper Treading, is the ability to stimulate the number of existing processors so as to work in multi processs on small parts. The existence of this technology, the power used will be efficient. Hyper Treading itself is used on i5 and i7 processors, while i3 does not have it yet.

Improved Core i3, 15 and i7 Capabilities:

Core i3

  • No Hyper-Treading technology support

Turbo Boost with maximum overclocking ranges from 2933 GHz to 3.2 GHz

  • Clock Graphics Processor 100 MHz
  • L3 Cache 4 MB
  • LGA Socket 1156
  • Core I3 can integrate Virtualizing Tecnology with GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) so it runs faster

For Core i3 processor, there are 2 Dual core processors. Both processors can run 2 instructions at a time. The advantages, Core i3 more resistant to heat and more efficient power.

Comparison of Intel Core i3, i5, i7 laptop prices

The difference of each processor above of course affect the price of the laptop or the price of the components you want to buy to assemble a computer device. Recommended, if you need a laptop for just typing or browsing, Core i3 processor you can choose because the price is economical.

For Core i5 processors, this type is suitable for your use that requires the device to run heavy software such as 3D and Animation. While Core i7 into the ranks of high-end, suitable for you who have great needs, such as running 3D animation programs, video editing and rendering and sold at high prices.

By knowing the difference processor above, of course you can determine the best device that fit with budget and requirement, right?

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