We Rub 8 Fabulous Ideas from This Elegant House

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We Rub 8 Fabulous Ideas from This Elegant House

Today we will discover together a project of esra, a very elegant residence, luxurious, but also extremely attentive to comfort. In this project, they are triumphing in familiar and welcoming environments, but they are designed to be perfect for receiving in great style. From the terrace to the children’s room, everything is studied in the slightest detail and, in essence, this is the real secret for screaming interiors!

The outdoor dining space

Beside the space for relaxation, there is space for lunch. A large wooden table is complemented by white fabric chairs, ideal for sitting comfortably outside, without the hassles that can provoke in the summer and polycarbonate seats. Flowers are always a great touch of style, enriching space.

The terrace welcomes you

We start the tour with the terrace. This environment has behind a large glass door that creates a connection to the living area. To characterize it are mainly the complements, the numerous pillows in particular, which with their geometric texture and their colors give a very elegant tone to the set.


The living room overlooks the landscape

Here we are in the living room here the decor is simple but very elegant. The sofa has a gorgeous line and the other elements complement it impeccably. The choice of colors and textures is always very important, here we see the colors of the earth, which are welcoming but without losing elegance. Really beautiful coffee tables, that touch of style that makes the difference.

Spacious rooms with open kitchen

The kitchen is connected to the rest with a large glass door from the black infissi, an industrial note that gives a bit of gritty to this space. The attention to design and passion for the beautiful objects characterizes every corner of the house to note the Masters chairs, Philippe Starck for Kartell, an authentic masterpiece, as well as the chandeliers. Choosing some design objects that are faithful to the overall atmosphere is a great way to enhance an interior.

Aesthetics and comfort

The bedroom is the perfect space for comfort, here we find a palette of neutral colors, enlivened by some contrasting elements, such as pillows. The choice of fabrics is essential in a bedroom, they must be of quality to make the difference both in terms of comfort and aesthetics. If you choose poor fabrics, you will notice easily.

A bathroom out of the ordinary

The bathroom is a space full of character. Often you do not think about it, but here too, adding small, carefully chosen objects makes a big difference and gives the feeling of a well-groomed and stylish environment. The lamps are gorgeous, but they also pay close attention to objects on the floor, pots and small animals that give personality to the room, tell a story.

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