Who I Am Running

I am running for governor because I have the vision, drive, and commitment to turn Michigan around. Sixty years ago, my parents came to Michigan because our state offered promise, opportunity, and, most importantly, jobs. Generations of families came to Michigan for those same reasons. Today, those opportunities are disappearing before our eyes.

Working together, we must fight to turn Michigan around.

Our Economic Reality:

  • Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the nation
  • Approximately 50% of college graduates leave the state
  • Our tax structure is hurting our homegrown small businesses and keeping new businesses away

As governor, I will lead the charge for bold change in Michigan. Over the last six years, the current administration has led our state into an economic crisis. We have a choice: we can watch Michigan spiral into a slow economic death, or we can fight for Michigan’s future.

Let’s fight to make Michigan competitive again, so our job-creating entrepreneurs can grow and flourish, and our young people will have opportunities to stay.

The Turn-around:

  • Bring good-paying jobs back to Michigan
  • Send a message to the rest of the nation that Michigan is open for business
  • Eliminate the 2007 personal income tax increase
  • Cut the Michigan Business Tax (MBT) in half, moving our state’s business tax from the 47th worst in the United States to the top 10 nationally
  • Keep our college graduates in Michigan

By eliminating the 2007 personal income tax hike and cutting the MBT in half, $2 billion will be injected into the private sector. This will send a message to the rest of the nation that Michigan is open for business once again.

Michigan is losing its next generation to other states. We spend $2 billion a year on higher education, but we’re losing half of our graduates to more competitive states. Fighting to keep the skills and talents of our college graduates right here in Michigan is a must if we are to turn our state around.

Making the tough decisions necessary to turn Michigan around will not be easy. However, by providing bold leadership, we will make Michigan competitive again. Please join me in our fight for Michigan’s future.

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