What is Cox’s 5200?

In 2002, Mike Cox won the closest statewide race in Michigan. Out of 3.1 million votes, Cox won by 5,200. Cox’s victory is a testament to the power of the individual.

Be a leader: As one of “Cox’s 5200″, you will be a leader with the Mike Cox 2010 campaign. You will be on the frontlines of communicating the message of the Cox campaign, building the ground organization and most importantly—turning people out to vote on election day!

Get out the Vote: Every member of “Cox’s 5200″ will be responsible for getting voters to the polls next August and November.

Through recruitment and sign-up, 5,200 people will take on the responsibility of being one of Cox’s Team 5200 leaders. Among other responsibilities, leaders will be responsible for getting anywhere from 10 to 100 people to the polls on election day and will be recognized for their hard work in support for the candidate.

5,200 leaders will be the bedrock of the Mike Cox 2010 grassroots program. We need your help to turn Michigan around! Join Cox’s 5200 today!

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