About Mike Cox

Mike Cox has fought his entire life to protect Michigan families. Cox served as a Marine for three years with distinction from 1980 to 1983. Rising to the rank of Corporal, Mike Cox earned the Navy Achievement Medal and Command Marine of the Year Designation.

As a marine, prosecutor and the State’s current Attorney General, Mike has served his country, fought crime and corruption, battled to lower health care rates and utility bills for Michigan residents and fought President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Governor Granholm by filing suit to overturn the unconstitutional federal health care takeover.

Mike Cox is the only candidate for governor endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. Cox has also been endorsed by Citizens for Traditional Values, Dick and Betsy DeVos, Congressman Dave Camp and Congressman Thad McCotter.

Mike Cox is a national leader in the fight against Obamacare and taxpayer funded abortion, going to court only minutes after the President signed the bill to stop the unconstitutional Obama-Pelosi health care takeover. Despite objections from Jennifer Granholm and several of his Republican primary opponents, Cox continues to fight Obamacare to protect the Constitution.

Last September, Mike Cox released a comprehensive 60-plus page, 92 point plan to put Michigan back to work. Cox’s plan, the most detailed turnaround plan in the nation, calls for $4 billion in specific spending cuts and a $2 billion tax cut for job makers and families.

As the chief executive of the state’s largest law firm, the Department of Attorney General, Mike Cox has already made a name for himself as a strong leader who is willing to make bold moves, cut spending and produce record-setting results.

The son of Irish immigrants, Mike Cox knows how to do more with less. As Attorney General, Cox combined divisions within the department, closed offices and gave back a portion of his own salary, handling a larger case load after shedding nearly 20 percent of the department’s taxpayer funded work force over the last decade.

Whether it’s a first-of-its kind parole objection project to keep violent criminals behind bars, a nationally recognized child and public protection unit or a new child support division that costs taxpayers nothing but recovers millions for Michigan kids, Mike is protecting families- and their wallets.

Cox was the first candidate to take the Americans for Tax Reform “No New Taxes” pledge, a pledge several of his opponents still refuse to sign. And in 2006 he stood up to the Lansing establishment and his own party and became the only candidate to support MCRI, the ballot proposal that successfully ended racial preferences in college admissions in Michigan.

Whether he’s cutting spending, fighting to lower taxes or defending the unborn and our 2nd Amendment rights in front of the United States Supreme Court, Mike Cox is the kind of fighter- the kind of leader- we need to turn Michigan around.

A little league soccer coach and father of four, Mike and his wife Laura live in Livonia, only miles from Mike’s childhood home.