Mike Cox Highlights Plan to Cut Spending and Taxes, Fight ObamaCare and Illegal Immigration in New TV Ad

LIVONIA, MI— Mike Cox today released the latest television commercial of his gubernatorial campaign, discussing his plan to cut spending and taxes, and fight against ObamaCare  and illegal immigration.  The ad, titled “Tough Enough to Lead Michigan,” begins running today on cable and broadcast networks across Michigan.

“Mike Cox is fighting to cut government spending, cut taxes and protect the Constitution.   Meanwhile, Pete Hoekstra voted to increase spending by over a trillion dollars, opposed legislation to make it harder for illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, and supports increases in the sales tax ,” said Mike Cox 2010 Campaign Manager Stu Sandler.

In addition to skipping key votes that could have helped kill the unconstitutional federal health care takeover, Hoekstra voted to make it easier for illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses.  Cox is challenging ObamaCare in court and has led a coalition of states, challenging President Obama to defend Arizona’s common-sense illegal immigration crackdown.

While Hoekstra has supported an increase in the sales tax and an expansion of the sales tax to services, Cox has adamantly opposed the scheme.  Cox was the first candidate for governor to take the Americans for Tax Reform’s no-tax pledge and has a plan to cut taxes on Michigan job makers and families by $2 billion.

“The last thing Michigan residents need from Lansing is a new sales tax on services like haircuts, dry-cleaning and childcare,” said Cox.  “Instead of finding devastating new ways to take more money from job makers and families, its time Lansing learned to live within its means.  That’s why my plan contains $4 billion in specific spending cuts I will make as governor.”

For more information on Mike Cox’s campaign for Governor or to view the television commercial, please visit www.mikecox2010.com or call the campaign office today at (734) 525-5035.

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